Top Ten Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now UK

If we talk about the Amazon prime application then the thing which pop up in our mind is the worldwide collection of wonderful movies and series.  Best Movies on Amazon prime is the online streaming application in which we can get almost every movie as well as web series or show. It is the biggest platform to watch anything from the world wide collections of one of the best amazing movies and web series.

best movies on amazon

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Uk

Sometimes Its get tough to select the movie to watch as there are so many. Here’s the solution of this problem which you can get from this blog as I am going to tell all about best movies on amazon prime uk the top 10 movies on Amazon prime right now which will take your heart and make you stuck from your device .

1.WIND RIVER ( 2017 )


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This movie is really mysterious as because this is a story of a US wildlife tracker who is solving the mystery of the
dead body with the help of FBI agent. This is a wonderful movie of JEREMY RENNER and ELIZABETH OLSEN in which Jeremy is acting on the role of US wildlife tracker while Elizabeth is performing the role of that FBI agent in
the film. This movie is full of thrill which is capable to make you stuck on your device.


2. HELL OR HIGH WATER ( 2016 )


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After Wind River , With the great presence of writing by Taylor Sheridan ,

The film Hell or High Water should be the second one in the list because This movie is one of the best movie of robbery of bank by two intelligent and innocent brothers who have to take this step in order to save their’s family
condition. This movie covers almost everything which will take your heart that’s why Its rating in my list is on the
second number.

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3. THE FOUNDER ( 2016 )



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Michael Kaetan is the reason behind this movie because this movie is in the list of Amazon prime is just because of him. He have got the idea of the making of biopic on the Fast food King RAY KROC who have given us the Mc Donald . He have started with the stupid idea of providing fast-food to the people’s but before they knew anything they turned into the King of the Fast food.

4. DON’T THINK TWICE ( 2016 )



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This is one of the best movie in all the collection of Amazon prime as It is really a funny movie by KEEGAN MICHAEL – KEY , GILLIAN JACOBS & MIKE BIRBIGLIA . This is the movie which have to get more rating as It got very late release even after completion as It was largely flawed under the radar of Publishers. This movie have the capability to make you stuck on the device.

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5. THE WAVE ( 2016 )


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This is the movie on disaster which may not get that much rating by board and you all but This movie is really full of thrill and disastrous adventure in the film as The hero who is geologist in the film have got the idea of tsunami after
ten minutes and he have to save as much as he can with his family. Looking adventurous ,Yeah really this is one of the wonderful in all above mentioned. KRISTOFFER JONER will look in the role of the hero which is a plus
point of the film before its story line.

6. THE LOBSTER ( 2015 )


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After watching of this movie , almost everyone of us can relate its story with our life. This is not normal dating relationship storied movie but a experience of different types of relationship by which we are going through. The hero of the film looking for his life partner and he have only 45 days to do so as because after 45 days he will
turned into an animal . This is such a funny and inspirational movie by which we can get entertained and understand.

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7. BOY HOOD ( 2014 )


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This movie is rated on number seven as there is one big reason behind that. This movie have taken 12 years to be ready for the public as For the realness in the film the director had shoot a boy from a age of six years to 18 years. This movie spent 12 years filming the adolescence of the boy in which he have to grow with different types of problems in his life like studies , families issues and the other personal problems. This movie is really
amazing movie who have the capability to be in the list.

8. LOCKE ( 2013 )


This is a thriller movie who have the power to make you stuck on the device on which you will watch this movie.
There are so many reasons by which It is in the list of best movies of Amazon prime . Locke is the movie which have the position of number Nine because this movie is full of thrill , adventure and suspense which will take all your
attention to the movie only.

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9. THE DEPARTED ( 2006 )

The Departed

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This is also a thriller movie on Amazon prime but the best thing of the movie is that It is nominated for Oscar due to the stunning performance of Leonardo DiCaprio trying to Solve the of case of the criminal who is undercover. This is
done in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio with his two colleagues who are also a Cop in the film. This direction of the film is amazing , story is wonderful and the Leonardo which means There’s no reason of neglecting this kind of movie. This movie is based on the 2004 film King Kong but have the separate fan craze from that.

10. QUIZ SHOW ( 1994 )


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This movie is based on the first reality TV craze of 1950’s which is directed by Robert Redford. This movie is based on the true story of that time of Quiz show which is a unique idea in its own . We can say that This movie have the capability of getting the position of number 10 in the list as it is directed by Robert Redford who always gives a
motivational message from his movie which is really helpful to get motivated.

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