15 Best Ios Emulator for PC Window 2019

15 Best IOs Emulator For Pc
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15 Best Ios Emulator for PC Window 2019

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Working on Windows PC? Think what if you get a chance to run iOS apps on your Windows! No… It’s not a dream. It’s possible now. All thanks to the iOS emulator for Windows that let you run your favorite apps on your Windows PC. Today we are going to discuss 15 best Ios emulator for PC that let you do the same in the best possible way.

ios emulator for windows

IOs Emulator For Pc 2019

Most of the difficulty arises when you have an iOS device as well as a desktop system configured with the Windows operating system. In such a case, data transfer is a problem. To let you move out from this problem, using an iOs emulator is a problem. That’s why, in this article, we are going to cover all the best iOS emulator for Windows.

Mobino Studio

Mobino Studio
Mobino Studio

If you are an app developer and are engaged in developing cross-platform applications for mobile phones, then Mobino Studio can be the best option for you. It is compatible with Windows, iPad, Mac, and iPhone.



Another best iOs emulator for Windows is App.io. Comes with 7-days free trial, it is easy to navigate. Based on the cloud system, you have to sync it with the ios.appi bundle or the Android Apk file. It is compatible with many browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla.

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If you are planning to build native cross-platform iOS apps, then Smartface can be the right iOS emulator for you. Many app developers basically use it to develop and test iOS apps. You can get access to its premium features by paying just a few bucks.



Being the best iPad emulator for Windows, it lets you have experience of an iPad on your Windows system. You will get the best experience of some iOS apps like Siri, TvOS, iMessages usingsmartface this emulator. Ipadian is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux.





Appetize.io is somewhat better than App.io as it also allows you to develop Android and iOS applications on cloud storage. You can easily run native iOS apps in your browser. What you have to do is just upload the app in their website and then, embed it in any browser to run.

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Air Phone

Air iphone emulato
Air iphone emulator

Air Phone is another best option because it gives you a virtual environment of the iPhone by reproducing iPhone GUI on your system. This iOS emulator requires the Air Framework to work properly. But, there are some areas too where it can’t execute efficiently due to some bugs.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3ds emulator

If you love playing Nintendo games, then this emulator is the right choice for you. You can run it independently on your Windows platform. Moreover, you don’t need to buy any additional games, this emulator comes with many preloaded games.

Electric Mobile Studio

electric mobile studio
Electric mobile studio

This best iOS emulator for Windows helps you in developing, testing, redesigning, iOS apps on your system. You can develop the app in various programming languages. The main point to be noted is that it consumes at least 6 GB of RAM.


Ripple emulator
Ripple emulator

Ripple is a mobile environment emulator that helps to reduce the challenges faced by mobile developers. This iOS emulator is best for WebWorks, PhoneGap, Mobile App Development, and also for testing. With the help of it, you can do javascript debugging, HTML DOM inspection, automated testing, and multiple devices and screen resolution emulation in real-time.

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Through Xamarin iOS emulator, you can write and test within the visual studio. Thus, if you are a developer and want to develop and test the iOS app on the Windows operating system, you can use this emulator. The best part is that it is available free of cost.

Remoted IOS Emulator

This is another best iOS emulator for Windows. Actually, it is a product of Xamarin. Through Remoted iOS emulator, you can test your app which is displayed on your Windows.

Remoted IOS Emulator
Remoted IOS Emulator

Xamarian Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

Talking about Xamarian testflight iOS emulator, this emulator also works best for Windows to run tests. In the app store, if you are going to launch your app on the App store, it is beneficial for you to test it first. And, this iOS emulator can be the best option for you. But keep in mind one point that this emulator works best for only those apps which are based on iOS 8.0 or above versions.

Wow PS3 Emulator for Pc

iDOS Emulator

idos emulator
idos emulator

For Window users, the iDOS emulator is also one of the best iOS emulators. It provides you with an easy and user-friendly interface. Apart from that, this emulator is available for you free of cost. So, try it now.

iMame Emulator

imame emulator
imame emulator

This emulator is especially for game lovers. If you love playing iOS games and want to have the same fun on your Windows too, use the iMame emulator. And, do you know what! It is available free of cost in the app store. Moreover, it provides you with the most popular arcade games to run.

iPhone simulator

iphone simulator
iphone simulator

iPhone Simulator has the best user interface and gives you a feel like iOS on your Windows system. It gives you the feel of an real iPhone. Although it provides access to limited iOS apps or games, it provides you with high-end graphics. The best is that it is that you don’t need to pay any cost.

Final Words

Download these iOS emulators on your Windows and have experience of using iPhone apps on your system. I hope you find this article worth for you and you can now select which best suits your needs. Choose wisely and stay tuned with us to get more interesting information on other topics If you want to get the related topic is Techamy .

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