Best Ear Phone Under 2000 to 3000 Inr in India

Earphones are playing very vital role in nowadays life for the people’s who really love to listen music loudly then earphone helps to do
so without disturbing others beside you. If you want to know which earphone is best and having an awesome sound quality then You
landed on the right page because here I am going to tell You all about Top 10 earphones under 2000 with mic facility.

Top Ten Earphones Under Rs 2000

Best Ear Phone Under 2000

1. One More Piston Fit

More Piston fit

This earphone is really awesome If we talk about the clarity and the quality of the sound. It really worth its money as this is only of Rs 799 at Amazon India .
This Quality builded earphone is having  that design which will take your heart to purchase it.

2. Sound Magic PL30+ C

Sound Magic PL30+ C

Sound Magic PL30+ C  with mic This Earphone is of 2399 but now at Amazon India , there is a offer of Rs 600 off on this earphone And If we talk about
the specifications of this earphone then I want to tell you all that this earphone is well known for its wonderful design , its balanced weight and comfortable outfit.
If we talk about its looks then I can say that this looks like premium with its metal body and Quality construction. It comes with a 5 different sizes of buds and a
couple of hooks.

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3. Sennheiser CX 275S

Sennheiser CX 275S

Sennheiser have its own value in the market and as they don’t want to do any compromise with that value they are providing the best quality earphones in
their knowledge. Sennheiser CX 275S is the best earphone of this company under Rs 2000 /- because it have the capability of giving that comfort and quality in the
sound with wonderful bass experience. This is one of the best in all above and below in this range. Along with these features Its appearance is playing a
unique role as its feature of appearance is best and unique.

4. Sound Magic E10C

Sound Magic E10C

Sound Magic E10C in-earphone with mic If we talk about this earphone then we got a feature of excellent bass and sound quality. This is totally tangle free
earphone means the wire used in this earphone are tangle free. This earphone bcomes with a price of 1699 only in which you will get stability in bass quality and
enough to prove its worth. But something which is quite a disappointment is comfort in this earphone but a great experience of sound quality.

5. Sony MDR-EX255AP

Sony MDR-EX255AP

Sony MDR-EX255AP in-ear headphone with mic This will not be wrong if I will say that Sony have its own reputation in the market. People’s faith is fixed with its
name or fame because the Sound quality given by Sony is undefeatable. This model of Sony provides better sound and bass
quality than other so that its level in the market of sound is on the top. This is one  of the best earphone under 2000 of 2018 & 2019. The price of this earphone is 1599 With metal case body and wonderful sound & bass quality.

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6. Sony MDR- XB450

Sony MDR- XB450



Sony MDR- XB450 on ear headphone Again a Sony one , All the features in this headphone are same as the above of Sony but a different feature of this headphone
is its wire which is heavy in size but a strong wire whose durability is quite more than the others. Its price range is 1499 which is worthy enough to take this headphone to our homes. Except from this Sony have provided some new feature to this headphone as the volume and mute button. Its metallic body is enough to take all your attention towards itself.

7. MI in-ear headphone pro

MI in-ear headphone pro

MI in-ear headphone pro  with mic in HD Xiaomi’s MI earphone pro in HD gives the high definition sound quality with wonderful bass So that it can worth to its price. There are very less earphones which is in the competition with this earphone but they are not worthy to its price as their durability is indefinite . In the budget
of 2000 , this is one of the top quality earphone in all the Earphones present in the market. Its sound quality , bass , comfort is unmatchable to its price as if
we compare between them then the price will always be defeated.

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8. Sound Magic E30

Sound Magic E30

Sound Magic E30 in-ear headphone If we talk about the accuracy in the sound output then there is no competition with  this earphone as perfection and finishing
of bass with the sound output is great in this earphone. If we talk about the fitting of this earphone to the ear then also this is unmatchable to any other earphone present in the market in this range. This is one of the best earphone in the market in this range since 2013.

9. Audio Technica ATH –

Audio Technica ATH-CKL200

Audio Technica ATH AX1iS This is on-ear headphone with mic in the price of 1699 which worthy when you will listen its sound because as I have talked
about the accuracy in the sound quality with the metallic body and Volume keys which is supportable to every phone . Its crystal clear Sound output make it
worthy to its price . This headphone have  a decent comfort fitting with will take all your attention towards itself.

10. Skull Candy

Skullcandy Method S2CDY-K405

Skull Candy  Method in-ear headphone Skull Candy also have its own fame in the market . Skull candy is a best quality earphone by which we can call it premium. Its Rubbery finishing and body gives a wonderful feel to the ear in order to make it worthy to its price for the users. Skull candy and Sennheiser have a different competition between them but Both have their own respect in the market.

So , these are some one of the best earphones under 2000 in the market. Enjoy with them and every want is TechAmybest affilate site at this Time .

  • One More Piston Fit
  • Sound Magic PL30+ C
  • Sennheiser CX 275S
  • Sound Magic E10C
  • Sony MDR-EX255AP
  • Sony MDR- XB450
  • MI in-ear headphone pro
  • Audio Technica ATH
  • Skull Candy

Best EarPhone Under 2000 to 3000 Inr in Indiary

If you are searching the one of the best topic when you want to take this phone with offer price no make confusion is there are specification in your content .

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