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Speech Writing Service

What is a speech?

A speech is a piece of writing on any subject which is delivered by an individual in an open public. Every word spoken in a speech has a powerful message. Words are spoken to instigate a sense of worth. Anyone speaking in front of the audience wants to be heard. No matter, how nerdy or intellectual you are, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to hold attention in public. It requires confidence, voice modulation, and strength in words. A perfect oratory requires a perfect speech writing service.

Why are speeches important?


It’s a voice. A speech consists of words that deliver a message or emotion. Speeches play an important role in molding opinion, stating facts, giving thanks, and expressing gratitude.
Voice is like an emotion it stays with people longer than visual or text. If written and delivered in a proper way, a speech holds the power to change polling results.

Have you ever cried while a thanksgiving or farewell speech?
It’s the power of words that touch you deep down. At contentlabz, we create similar speeches for every occasion to deliver impact. Signing up for our services once will make you addicted to our services.

Why do you need a professional Speechwriter?

Ok. You know want you to want to say but you are struggling with the “how-to” part. No worries, we are here to help you. Our team comprises of experts who can frame your emotions and message to deliver a message worth being heard. We can create speeches that can be archived for years.
“We are best at adding voice to words!”

How do we do it?

We hear

We hear

Good writing requires patience to hear the client’s requirements. We understand every detail you want to express through your speech.
We write

We write

Finally, we write and frame ideas into words.
We juggle over ideas

We juggle over ideas

Our team has over 20+ writers. It’s never one writer handling a project. We bump over each other for ideas. Fusing the ideas in the best format helps us keep creativity alive.
We deliver

We deliver

Ultimately, we deliver you the speech you can create an impression with.
We research and analyze

We research and analyze

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Genres of speeches we deliver

Currently, we are providing our services in Lucknow, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kanpur, Gurgaon and Kolkata.
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